Please read this and also know you may NOT leave anything on the bus as previously thought.

Be at school by noon at the latest on Saturday - we will leave at 12:30 and won't wait!

If you did not sign up for a bus, you are on bus 7.

Please remember your bus chaperones are volunteers and want to have as much fun as you do. Be polite, respectful and listen.

When we arrive, after going through security, you can go to either park. The Grad's only party starts at 9pm at California Adventure. You must be in California Adventure by 10pm.

This event is a privelege and you are held to a higher standard of behavior than a regular Disney guest. Please read the guidelines above so that there are no problems during the event.

Bus sign-ups will be June 4th and 5th at lunch in front of the media center. You must sign up yourself- no one can do that for you. We have 7 buses and you should stand in a bus line with whomever you want to sit with. If you don't sign up, a seat will be assigned for you.


Your $159 ticket includes admission to both parks, school bus transportation and the Disney Senior Grad Nite Party.

More details can be found here.

A limited number of tickets will be sold Feb 27,28 and March 1 in room 604 at lunch