Monday: Matter assessment. Hwk: review

Tuesday: Thermometer article and responses. Hwk: review

Wednesday: Phase change Lab continued. Hwk: review

Thursday: Phase Changes continued and notes. Hwk: enjoy the weekend and review

Friday: holiday, no school

Monday: POGIL. Hwk: review - we will be having an assessment next Monday on matter

Tuesday: Finish and submit POGIL, Matter video, matter flowchart. Hwk: review

Wednesday: Physical and Chemical assignment. Hwk: review

Thursday: Physical and Chemical properties and changes continued. Hwk: review

Friday: Start Unit 2, introduce phenomenon, collect melting data, turn in math log. Hwk: review for assessment on Monday

Monday: Finish gathering data (curve and beverages)? Hwk: review for assessment tomorrow

Tuesday: Assessment - experimental design, equipment. Hwk: review data

Wednesday: Last experimenting day for lab. Hwk: Completed re-do due Friday

Thursday: Matter discussion, Whatsa' Matter, Start POGIL? Hwk: Completed re-do due Friday

Friday: POGIL continued. Hwk: review


Monday: Review Lab, POGIL. Hwk: review for assessment Thursday moved to Tuesday 9/19

Tuesday: Turn-in sheet for POGIL, How could we make our lab better? Hwk: review

Wednesday: Continue making our lab better - standards. Hwk: review

Thursday: Continue with standards discussion and improving lab results. Hwk: review

Friday: Finish making standards and getting densities. Hwk: review

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: Equipment and lab discussion, notebook discussion, modeling article? Hwk: prepare for lab

Wednesday: Sugar in beverages lab. Hwk: review equipment information

Thursday: Finish lab, work on modeling Hwk: review

Friday: POGIL work. Hwk: none