Monday: Ionic precipitation lab. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Analysis - writing equations for rxns and non-rxns. Hwk: finish equation writing

Wednesday: Net ionic notes - figure out rules for what does and doesn't ppt. Hwk: none

Thursday: finish rules, group lab report. Hwk: none

Friday: start Reaction Type POGIL. Hwk: none, extra credit due Monday 4/1

Monday: Review POGIL, Bond energy practice - to be finished in class tomorrow. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Finish energy practice, revise model. Hwk: none   bond energy key

Wednesday: "Pop" Quiz, read about hess' Law. Hwk: none

Thursday: notes delta H and Hess. Start Hess practice. Hwk: none

Wednesday is Intervention day - you may use this time to improve any assignment grade C or below.

Monday: Labs due, review Polar Bears and turn in, equations notes and practice. Hwk: finish equations, read p. 287-292

Tuesday: Pop Quiz (20 minutes), review equations, start v]balancing notes. Hwk: Read p. 84-88 equations key

Wednesday: finish balancing notes and practice. Hwk: Do FU 3.7 p. 88  key

Thursday: start why reactions happen, model a reaction, start bond energy POGIL. Hwk: none

Friday: Finish POGIL. Hwk: none, but it would be good to try to do the extension!

Monday: Check side 2 of chem names, start Molecular Geometry POGIL. Hwk: Read p. 315-320

Tuesday: Finish POGIL ~10 minutes, start model building lab. Hwk: 10.5, 10.28 p. 328

Wednesday: Finish building lab, WOC Molecular Architecture. Hwk: Read p. 320-323

Thursday: What Comes Around - study day. Hwk: none

Friday: Polar Bears and Penguins reading and questions. Hwk: finish questions and fill in the last column of your model lab - both due Monday

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: quick review, Naming Acids POGIL. Hwk: review for tomorrow's quiz

Wednesday: quiz, start covalent bonding. Hwk: Read p. 287-288

Thursday: multiple bond notes, start Lewis dot drawing. Hwk: Chem Names and Formulas side 1 only

Friday: continue drawing, finish Chem Names and Formulas. Hwk: finish classwork  key for drawing    key for names and forms