Monday: Equilibrium Simulation Activity in groups. Hwk: Read p. 553-557

Tuesday: Equilibrium part 2 with graphs, analysis and extra simulation. Hwk: Read p. 558-563

Wed/Thur: Finish equilibrium demos, Le Chat computer experience and practice. Hwk: none

Friday: holiday

Monday: Lab d. 3 and analysis. Hwk: Review and lab due Wednesday  % yield key

Quiz Wednesday

Tuesday: Review for quiz - notes and notecard, review. Hwk: labs due tomorrow

Intervention for zeroes or tutoring

Wednesday: Quiz. Hwk: none

Thursday: study day - AP World today. Hwk: none

Friday: World of Chemistry Ep. 14, in-class reading p. 539-545 (your book p. 553-563). Hwk: none

Monday: Finish Limiting Rxn POGIL, start extra practice. Hwk: finish POGIL last page

Tuesday: Limiting Practice, create lab data table. Hwk: none        key

Wednesday: Lab d. 1. Hwk: none

Thursday: Percent Yield notes & practice, limiting practice. Hwk: none

Friday: Lab d. 2, continue with practice. Hwk: none

Quiz next Wednesday on limiting and % yield concepts

Monday: Finish presentations, mole notes, start practice. Hwk: Re-read p. 89-92

Prepare for quiz Thursday

Tuesday: Lab work, continue with practice. Hwk: finish lab - due tomorrow

Wednesday: Labs due, practice and review. Hwk: review moles for quiz     practice key

Thursday: Group poster quiz. Hwk: none

Friday: Limiting reactant. Hwk: none

Monday: Mystery of Matter research project. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Mystery of Matter research project. Hwk: none

Wednesday/Thursday: Mystery of Matter research project and start presentations. Hwk: none

Remaining presentations will be on Monday

Friday: Mole ratio lab. Hwk: none