Monday: Mini-quiz, start electronegativity CER. Hwk: review

Tuesday: Finish electronegativity CER.. Hwk: Finish the CER if not completed in class. We will grade and check for understanding tomorrow.

Wednesday: Grade and discuss CER, check for understanding and turn-in. Hwk: review bonding info

Thursday: Ions POGIL. Hwk: review

Friday: Noble Gas Envy. Hwk: review

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: Digital Citizenship/ absence assessments. Hwk: none

Wednesday: start Electron Glue Activity. Hwk: review bonding types - we will finish questions in class tomorrow

Thursday: finish Electron Glue Activity, conductivity demo. Hwk: review classwork

Friday: Eledron Glue Reading and Questions. Hwk: Finish classwork

Mini-quiz on Monday over electron glue

Monday: Finish Mystery of Matter and Half-life. Hwk: review for test Thursday

Tuesday: Fission/Fusion and Elementary Education. Hwk: review for test Thursday

Wednesday: Review. Hwk: review for test Thursday

Thursday: Nuclear Test. Hwk: Enjoy the long weekend!

Friday: holiday

Monday: Mystery of Matter pt 1, nuclear practice. Hwk: work on practice

Tuesday: Mystery of Matter pt 2, nuclear practice. Hwk: work on practice

Wednesday: review equations, Half-life lab d1. Hwk: review

Quiz coming up Thursday 2/15

Thursday: Half-life lab d2. Hwk: review - labs are due at the beginning of the period tomorrow if not turned in today

Friday: Mystery of Matter pt 3. Hwk: review for quiz

Monday: Continue with research - due by tonight. Hwk: work on pitch

Tuesday: Pitches. Hwk: review

Wednesday: Pitches continued - get into groups. Hwk: review

Thursday: Intro to Unit 4, Island of Stability. Hwk: review - check answers

Friday: It's Greek to Me! Hwk: review - check answers