Monday: Energy diagrams and reaction diagrams. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Start hand warmer project. Hwk: none

Note: If you were absent and missed the hand warmer assignment, you may do this alternative. It must be turned in by Monday 5/7 in order to count on this progress report.

Wed-Thursday: Continue with project. Hwk: none


Friday: Group presentation RUBRIC - Mr. Rivas' last day. Hwk: none

THIS WEDNESDAY IS INTERVENTION DAY!!!!  Students may retake one or both of the recent quizzes between 1:00 and 1:45 and 1:45 and 2:30.

Grading period ends 5/4

Monday: Continue with your bond energy POGIL. Hwk: none, but yellow sheets are due Friday - make sure they are up to date!

Tuesday: Net energy discussion, reaction energy practice, exit slip. Hwk: none

Wednesday: World of Chemistry "The Driving Forces". Hwk: none

Thursday: Bond energy posters. Bond energy table for reference. Hwk: none, but yellow sheets are due tomorrow so make sure they are up to date

Friday: Energy gallery walk, Jeopardy review. Hwk: none

Monday: Finish mole ratio POGIL, discussion, finish Mole Ratio Lab. Hwk: Labs due at the beginning of the period Tuesday if you didn't finish during class, keep reviewing for quiz Thursday

Tuesday: Review a little & discuss lab, Real-Life Chemistry handout. Hwk: Lab due date extended to tomorrow at the beginning of class, review conversions for quiz

Wednesday: Stoichiometry practice. Hwk: Review for tomorrow's quiz, here is Mr. Rivas' key

Thursday: Quiz. Hwk: none

Friday: Demos and start Bond Energy POGIL. Hwk: none

NOTE: ANYONE who missed the quiz on Thursday or needs to do a retake of the previous quiz can do so next Wednesday 4/25 during intervention time

Monday: Conversions between grams and particles. Hwk: Finish practice, review information

Tuesday: Cookies for stoichiometry. Hwk: Keep reviewing

Wednesday: Review equation types, make equation poster. Hwk: Make sure Cookie assignment is finished by Friday

Thursday: Mole ratio POGIL. Hwk: See above

Friday: Mole ratio lab data collection, finish yellow sheets. Hwk: Review all of your information

Monday: Review CER, Revise CER. Hwk: none, but review last bit of work for assessment Friday

Tuesday: Finish "Weighing In", start molar mass handout. Hwk: none, but review last bit of work for assessment Friday

Wednesday: Check and review "Weighing In", watch "The Mole" with notes, start Molar mass handout. Hwk: Finish 1st column on handout, review

Thursday: Finish Molar mass practice, dimensional analysis notes, start conversions. Hwk: review for tomorrow's assessment

Friday: Assessment on equations, more Dimensional Analysis. Hwk: Finish up to #4