Monday: Review heat calculations and practice calculations. Hwk: finish calculations if not completed in class:  key to check work

Tuesday: Specific heat of a metal lab. Hwk: none - get a good night's sleep and eat breakfast for PSAT

Wednesday: PSAT - Nova Origami. Hwk: none

Thursday: Analysis of specific heat lab with group - turn in 1 paper, review quiz. Hwk: none

Friday: In-class book work Read p. 293-301 and take notes, then answer #1-10 p. 299 and #11,12 p. 302. Hwk: none

Quiz Thursday!!!! - 10 questions, 7 frq and 3 multiple choice - topics here

Food article to review

Monday: Review simulation, percent error notes, start calorimetry POGIL. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Continue with calorimetry POGIL, proportion notes. Hwk: none

Wednesday: Finish POGIL. Hwk: review for quiz, finish POGIL if not done in class

Thursday: Quiz. Hwk: none

Friday: POGIL tunr-in and pink sheets due. Hwk: none

Monday: discuss pink sheets, nutrition labels, nutrition reading. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Calorimetry simulation. Hwk: none

Wednesday: continue with simulation. Hwk: none

Thursday: Finish simulation, Close nutrition reading. Hwk: none unless you didn't finish simulation

Here is an example for calculating beef

Friday: Check cal sim pkt, extra label work, continue Close reading. Hwk: none

Monday: Quiz, Review syllabus, start CER introduction. Hwk: get syllabus contract signed

Tuesday: Continue with CER intro, rubric, writing. Hwk: none unless syllabus contract needs to be signed

Wednesday: Finish CER with group - review with rubric. Hwk: none

Thursday: Organizing data POGIL start - assigned groups. Hwk: none

Friday: Comlete POGIL and extra turn-in sheet. Hwk: none

Monday: Work on finishing POGIL. Hwk: none

Tuesday: 1/2 sheets due, annotate variable assignment, work on variable practice. Hwk: none - but finish variables if not complete

Wednesday: Create your own Alka-Seltzer experiment. Hwk: Review information for quiz Monday

Thursday: Start your experiment! Hwk: none, but study for Monday's quiz!!!!!

Friday: Finish experiments, review data. Hwk: none, but study for Monday's quiz!!!!!