Monday: Finish alka-seltzer experiments, variable handout. Hwk: Finish variable handout

Tuesday: Review hwk, start food label activity. Hwk: none

Wednesday: Nutrition CLOSE reading, review lab. Hwk: remember hair ties and closed-toed shoes for tomorrow's lab!

Thursday: Lab data collection. Hwk: none

Friday: Data Analysis, finish lab, green sheets due. Hwk: none

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: Finish safety, review syllabus, start Fundamentals of Experimental Design. Hwk: Get syllabus form signed

Quiz Friday - science, safety and experimental design

Wednesday: Turn in signatures, Finish POGIL. Hwk: none

Thursday: POGIL turn-in sheet, variable discussion, quick review, start own experiment. Hwk: none

Friday: Quiz, collect experimental data. Hwk: none

Monday: Brief intro, Let's Mingle. 

Tuesday: Science Is/Is Not.

Wednesday: Safety POGIL.

Thursday: Finish POGIL, Review rules.

Friday: Develop group poster, review safety contract rules. Hwk: Get safety contract signed