New blue sheets start today!

Monday: Finish lab questions and conclusions, read about non-Newtonian substances. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Article response. Hwk: none

Wednesday: Model of Earth's energy, 100 Greatest in Earth. Hwk: none

Thursday: Seismologist/theoritician activity - earth's structure d.1. Hwk: none

Friday: Seismologist/theoritician activity - earth's structure d.2. Hwk: none


Monday: Test review for tomorrow. Hwk: study! Review Key

Tuesday: Energy Transfer test (14 multiple choice, 3 free-response). Hwk: none

Wednesday: Reading Guide (use pages 385-403 in your red book), short video phase diagrams. Hwk: Read p. 402-404, finish reading guide if you didn't in class

Thursday: Phase diagram practice, boiling water, start of liquid/solid. Hwk: none, but blue sheets are due tomorrow!

Friday: Complete data collection solids and liquids, Nye - Pressure, blue sheets due! Hwk: none

Monday: Finish Nye, Test review. Hwk: Study for tomorrow's test  KEY!!!

Tuesday: Energy, etc. test. Hwk: get a good night's sleep and eat a healthy breakfast for the PSAT

Wednesday: PSAT. Hwk: none

Thursday: Convection, Conduction, Radiation Reading and Organizer. Hwk: none, but make sure green sheets are ready for tomorrow

Friday: Convection, conduction, radiation, critical thinking questions, and practice. Green Sheets due! Hwk: none

New Blue Sheets - seahorse, dolphin, octopus

Monday: Review test and particulate models, read particle article and take notes. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Finish particle article, observe particles in action - hot and cold. Hwk: none

Wednesday: particle models, quick video, revise organizer and critical thinking questions (from Friday). Hwk: Critical thinking questions due tomorrow - make them perfect!

Thursday: Turn in questions, melting lab. Hwk: Finish up to #2 on the After Experimenting questions

Friday: Finish melting lab, read a little to compare specific heat capacity and heat conductivity. Hwk: Review!

New Green Sheets start today!

Monday: Flowchart example and preparation, Begin modeling reading. Hwk: none

Intervention Wednesday - come from 1:00 - 1:45 or 1:45 - 2:30 for an assignment to make up some points in assessment or classwork/homework category

Tuesday: Continue modeling assignment (4-color group poster). Hwk: none

Wednesday: Finish modeling poster. Hwk: none except - FEDERAL SURVEYS FOR PERIOD 1!!!!!!!

Thursday: Gallery walk, CaCl2 rxn & model. Hwk: none - FEDERAL SURVEYS FOR PERIOD 1!!!!!!!

Test Tuesday - heat, energy transformations, models

Friday: Reading jigsaw heat, Nye/Know/New Heat. Hwk: none except review for Tuesday's quiz FEDERAL SURVEYS FOR PERIOD 1!!!!!!!