Monday: Quiz Lesson 6,7 & 8. Hwk: read through handout of procedures for tomorrow

Extra Time for Quiz at lunch Tuesday!

Tuesday: Lesson 8 Day 4. Hwk: Get data into tables

Wednesday: Last Day Lesson 8 - analyze data, discuss, read article and answer questions in your notebook. Hwk: Review Progress Tracker

Thursday: Lesson 9 Day 1. Hwk: Review

Friday: Lesson on variables - in Canvas watch videos, complete assignment and submit via Canvas. Hwk: Finish assignment

Monday: review exit slip and Arctic Drift. Hwk: Review notes

Tuesday: review and Arctic Drift cont. Hwk: Review notes

Note: Quiz Monday on Energy transfer

Wednesday: Lesson 8 D1 - Intro. Hwk: Review infor for quiz

Thursday: Lesson 8 D2 - Investigation of water/water systems. Hwk: Get data into class data table on Canvas

Period 3 I need your forms!

Friday: Lesson 8 D3 - Investigation of ice/water system. Hwk: Review for quiz

Quiz retakes for scores below 3 are happening Wednesday and Thursday at lunch.

Monday: Lesson 7 Day 1 (thinking about variables, using a simulation and planning on how to collect data for tomorrow). Hwk: Finish planning investigation with group via Google doc

Tuesday: Lesson 7 Day 2 (completing the investigation) Hwk: review

Wednesday: Lesson 7 Day 3 (completing and sharing results, making meaning) Hwk: Make predictions about the 2 situations on the back of the handout (if you were absent please see Canvas)

Thursday: Lesson 7 Day 4 (new simulation, investigation and sensemaking) Hwk: none

Friday: Lesson 7 Day 5 (sensemaking and practice) Hwk: none


Monday: Lesson 5 D1 - gathering data. Hwk: none except for review for Quiz on Thursday

Tuesday: Lesson 5 D2 - reviewing data, best fit line, significant figures. Hwk: finish reading and practice in Canvas, check your answers and bring questions tomorrow

Wednesday: lesson 5 D3 - finish reviewing data, density demonstration, quiz review. Hwk: make sure your notebook is up to date and bring a calculator!

Thursday: Quiz Unit 1 math and modeling. Hwk: none

Friday: Lesson 6 - analyzing glacier data. Hwk: none

Spirit Week!!!

Monday: Lesson 2 Day 4, review modeling, revise bucket models and submit, develop mathematical models to describe sea level rise. Hwk: review

Tuesday: Lesson 3 Day 1, review calculations and make some more, please watch the simulation on Slide I if not seen in class. Hwk: review

Wednesday: Math Review Day, submit math practice via Canvas. Hwk: finish classwork

Thursday: Finish L3, start lesson 4, submit Exit slip on math. Hwk: review - we will be having a quiz next Thursday covering math concepts and modeling

Friday: Review math exit from yesterday, Finish Lesson 4 and submit annotated article and exit slip. Hwk: review notebook