Monday: holiday

Tuesday: Finish Life on the Edge, start CER. Hwk: study for quiz tomorrow!

Wednesday: Quiz. Hwk: Read p. 161-167

Thursday: Finish CER, start epic rap battle. Hwk: epic rap battle as needed (due Tuesday, 1/23 p. 1,2 and Thursday 1/25 p. 5,6 emailed by 11:59 pm)

Friday: Epic Rap Battle work. Hwk: see above

Monday: Revise CER in groups, finish labs - both due today. Hwk: Review p. 100-108 in your book

Tuesday: Isotope POGIL. Hwk: Read p. 110-111

Wednesday: POGIL turn-in, Nye - atoms. Hwk: Read p. 112-113

Quiz next Wednesday on atom models and numbers related to atoms and atomic structure

Thursday: atom notes, atom practice. Hwk: Read p. 114-115

Friday: finish atom practice (KEY), start Life on the Edge. Hwk: none, but review for next week's quiz

Monday: Periodic Trend CER assignment. Hwk: none - unless you need to finish class work

Tuesday: CER poster argument session, start final report. Hwk: none

Wednesday: CER final report due at the end of the period. RUBRIC Hwk: none

Thursday: Hunting the Elements - questions. Hwk: none but blue sheets are due tomorrow

Friday: Hunting the Elements continued, blue sheets due. Hwk: none - enjoy the break!

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: holiday

new blue sheet starts today! otter, seal, crab

Wednesday: Let's Mingle. Hwk: none

Thursday: Atomic Pudding Activity. Model page . Hwk: finish CER if not completed during class

Friday: Turn in pudding, watch atomic history video, indirect evidence lab. Hwk: none - we will complete the lab on Monday

Monday: Book Reviews, annotate article - matter and Mendeleev. Hwk: finish article if not finished in class

Tuesday: Create a Table activity. Hwk: none

Wednesday: Finish Create a Table, start BYOT. Hwk: none but extra credit assignment due Monday

Thursday: Review Create a Table, BYOT, start data mining assignment using file. Hwk: please read the introduction to the data mining assignment

Friday: Data mining assignment - start digging through. Hwk: none, but extra credit due Monday