Monday: Greatest Discoveries, start model. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Finish model, start energy types assignment. Hwk: none but Wegener cartoons from Friday 11/1 are due tomorrow - no exceptions! Here is the history for Wegener

Wednesday: Continue with notes from yesterday, Play with energy types here. (choose some different set-ups to help you understand the energy transformations.) Hwk: none

Thursday: Finish going through energy types and transfers, answer questions, exit slip. Hwk: none

New PINK sheets - alligator, penguins, whale

Monday: Read The Composition and Structure of Earth, take notes and create a drawing of the inner earth. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Earthquakes, start Wegener reading. Hwk: none

Wednesday: solid, liquid lab. Hwk: none

Thursday: Review non-Newtonian substances on links tab, finish lab and turn in, complete reading & start questions for Wegener. Hwk: none

Friday: Finish questions, Wegener cartoon assessment. Hwk: none

Monday: Specific Heat of a metal Lab d1. Hwk: review

Test on heat Thursday - heat transfer types, specific heat concept, heal calculations

Tuesday: Specific heat of a metal Lab d. 2. Hwk: Finish lab #1,2 and sources of error (we will do #3 in class tomrrow)

Wednesday: Review. Hwk: study!

Thursday: Test on heat. Hwk: none

Friday: Nye - "Crust", Understanding Earth's Interior - take notes, compare contrast s and p waves, green sheets due. Hwk: labs due Monday

here is the data analysis assistance

New Green Sheets Stegosaurus, Butterfly, Cat

Monday: Heat calculation practice. Hwk Finish up to 7 if not completed during class

Tuesday: nutrition handout - calories!, work on Cheeto data. Hwk: none

Wednesday: PSAT - study day

Thursday: Cheeto Lab data analysis. Hwk: none

Friday: Review Cheeto analysis. Hwk: none

Intervention Wednesday - test corrections for test 1 for any student below a C

Monday: Class data review and discussion, data analysis and calculations. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Start calorimetry POGIL. Hwk: none

Wednesday: Review Calorimetry POGIL - finish 12 and 13. Hwk: none

Thursday: Calorimetry POGIL 14-19. Hwk: pink sheets due tomorrow, finish through 19

Friday: Calorimetry turn-in with extension, start calorimetry practice. Hwk: none