New Yellow Sheets!  gorilla, turtle, whale

Monday: Electronegativity Assignment, here is the link for the table. Hwk: Start memorizing polyatomic ions! (on the back of your bonding model sheet)

Tuesday: Continue with Electronegativity assignment (CER). Hwk: work on polyatomics

CER Rubric

Wednesday: Finish CER, grade partner's CER. Hwk: learn your polyatomics!

Thursday: Noble gas envy reading and questions. Hwk: learn those polyatomics!

Friday: holiday

Monday: Complete Electron Glue questions. Hwk: review

Quiz Thursday on Coulombic forces/periodic table, flame test, bonding basics

Tuesday: Interpreting a graphic. Hwk: read and annotate EGlue reading (by Thursday)

Wednesday: Finish Interpreting a graphic, Frayer Model Hwk: review for tomorrow's quiz, finish reading/annotating

Thursday: Review, Quiz. Hwk: start learning polyatomic ions

Friday: "Hunting the Elements", pink sheets due. Hwk: learn polyatomic ions

New white sheet star, moose, cactus

Monday: Review norms, Coulombic Forces review. Hwk: Review ch. 6 in textbook on periodic table

Tuesday: Finish Coulombic Review and go over, review final, "Using the Periodic Table". Hwk: Review ch. 6

Wednesday: Flame Test Lab. Hwk: finish questions for lab

Thursday: Review labs and turn them in, Properties demonstration. Hwk: Read p. 141-143

Friday: Electron Glue activity. Hwk: none

Monday: Finish reflection, Life on the Edge. Hwk: review groups

Tuesday: Notes on electrons and e configuration, practice. Hwk: review groups and finish side 1 of practice

Wednesday: Finish practice. Hwk: review electron configuration and periodic table groups

Thursday: Coulombic Forces POGIL as a class. Hwk: review and practice e- config!

Friday: Coulombic turn-in, start periodic properties POGIL. Hwk: Review

Tuesday: Continue with periodic properties POGIL. Hwk: review

Thursday - Friday: Finish POGIL/review (1hr), electron and periodic table test(1 hr). Hwk: none


New pink sheets crab, lion, fish

Monday: Let's Mingle, label table. Hwk: none, remaining presentations will happen on Tuesday

Tuesday: Finish presentations, start Data mining assignment. Hwk: none

Wednesday: Work on Data mining - need to have a tentative claim by the middle of class Thursday. Hwk: none

Thursday: Work on Data mining - need to have a tentative claim by early in class Thursday to do a gallery walk (argumentation session). Hwk: none

Friday: Finish data mining - report due as a google doc shared with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Hwk: none