Students who would like to keep up with their skills and look ahead a little should use their red books at home and study chapters 7 & 8 for review. There will be a make-up test for covalent bonding for absences or low initial grades when/if we return.

 Here is a link to a lab regarding chemical bonding. There are instructions, a handout and a video. This is not required, but a chance to keep you skills fresh!

Our next topic will be chapter 15, so you can look to that to get ahead.


Students who are missing the CER and/or the Ionic Bonding Activity can find those assignments in week 2/10 and 2/24 respectively. Those can still be made up for credit.


Stay inside and wash those hands!  I miss you guys!

Monday: Review POGIL work from sub Friday, finish POGIL. Hwk: Finish classwork - blue sheets due Wednesday

Tuesday: Naming mini-lesson, start molecular model lab. Hwk: none, but review for Covalent bonding test Friday

Wednesday: continue molecular model lab, blue sheets due. Hwk: none, but review for Covalent bonding test Friday

New Lavendar sheets start Thursday

Thursday: Finish model lab, review and create notecard for test Friday. Hwk: study!

Friday: Covalent bonding test with notecard. Hwk: none

Monday: Finish Ionic Bonding activity (turn in), start Thinking Electronegatively. Hwk: Review for the retake on Wednesday for ionic bonding

Expo Day at Petco Park - Extra Credit Opportunity this weekend!

Tuesday: Review electronegativity, start covalent bonding in depth, Lewis dot structures. Hwk: Review for tomorrow's reatke

Wednesday: Retake Ionic bonding test, weekly reflection. Hwk: Review Lewis dots for tomorrow

Thursday: Continue drawing Lewis structures. Hwk: Finish classwork

Friday: Start molecular geometry POGIL. Hwk: none - go to the expo!

Monday: Stamp for 3 days, review transition metals and review for tomorrow's test. Hwk: Finish review   keys here!!!

Tuesday: Ionic bonding test, yellow sheets due today! Hwk: none

Wednesday: Naming ionic POGIL. Hwk: none

Intervention Day: Take/retake polyatomic pop quiz, make up flame test lab

Thursday: Naming POGIL continued, group turn-in. Hwk: none

Friday: Ionic Bonding activity. Hwk: none - but review for re-take on Wednesday

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: Finish Noble Gas Envy, start Getting Connected. Hwk: work on polyatomics, Read p. 194-196

Wednesday: Polyatomic pop quiz, Ionic bonding notes. Hwk: review

Thursday: Getting Connected. Hwk: review - quiz Tuesday on ionic bonding

Friday: Writing ionic compound formulas practice. Hwk: none but review - quiz Tuesday on ionic bonding

Next Weekly Sheet due 2/25

Intervention next Wednesday 2/26