Monday: Check-In, Finish and present posters. Hwk: Review energy transfer types

Tuesday: Check-in, 2-6 specific heat tie-in, start 2-6 rtie in cont by answering pre-experiment questions. Hwk: Finish 1-5 on the experiment if not finished in class

Wednesday: Check-in, Melting Lab - data and analysis questions 1-6. Hwk: Finish analysis questions 1-6 (due by tomorrow)

Thursday: Check-In, Add to tracker Heat and Energy Transfer, Watch Matter video, Start States of Matter Lab part A. Hwk: finish question 1 if not completed in class.

Friday: Check-In, Finish staes of Matter lab part B (turn in), start 2-8 State of Matter Explore (we will continue with this on Monday). Hwk: none