Monday: Mini-quiz, start electronegativity CER. Hwk: review

Tuesday: Finish electronegativity CER. Hwk: Finish the CER if not completed in class. We will grade and check for understanding tomorrow.

Wednesday: Grade and discuss CER, check for understanding and turn-in. Hwk: review bonding info

Thursday: Review yesterday and quiz, Criss Cross. Hwk: Finish practice

Friday: Ionic Bonding Modeling Practice. Hwk: review

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: Make-up Day - Lab, per tab reading, resctivity lab. Hwk: review periodic table

Wednesday: start Electron Glue Activity. Hwk: review bonding types - we will finish questions in class tomorrow

Thursday: finish Electron Glue Activity, conductivity demo. Hwk: review classwork

Friday: Eledron Glue Reading and Questions. Hwk: Finish classwork

Mini-quiz on Monday over electron glue

Monday: Review for test tomorrow. Hwk: review!

Tuesday: Test Unit 3. Hwk: review

Wednesday: Digital Literacy lesson 2. Hwk: none

Thursday: Flamet Test Lab. Hwk: Enjoy the long weekend!

Friday: holiday

Monday: Ions POGIL d1. Hwk: review, finish 2 second stop sign

Tuesday: Complete POGIL, review ions. Hwk: review

Wednesday: Cations and Anions assignment. Hwk: review

Thursday: Continue with cations and anions. Hwk: review for quiz next Tuesday

Friday: Putting it together - simple ionic bonding. Hwk: review for quiz next Tuesday

Quiz will be on periodic trends anf families, ions and simple bonding

Monday: Label the Table. Hwk: review and finish

Tuesday: Reactivity Lab d1 - collected class data. Hwk: finish filling in data for Zn, Ca, Mg, Fe, Sn and Cu

Wednesday: Reactivity Lab d2 - complete and submit on Canvas. Hwk: finish if not finished in class.

Thursday: Reactivity Review. Hwk: review

Friday: Reactivity lab review, Noble Gas Envy reading and questions. Hwk: Finish the reading and questions if not completed during class. Come Monday with questions.