Monday: Start rxn type POGIL. Hwk: none

Tuesday: finish POGIL, start turn-in. Hwk: none

Wednesday: finish turn-in. Hwk: none

Thursday: balancing notes, start practice. Hwk: none

Friday: Finish balancing practice, blue sheets due. Hwk: none but extra credit due Monday 4/1

New Blue Sheet - bunny, lion, dolphin

Monday: Finish Polar pictures, start forces work. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Differences in polar vs non-polar. Hwk: none

Wednesday: Keep working polar vs non, water molecules and surface tension experiences. Hwk: none

Thursday: Finish POlar vs Non, start equations. Hwk: none

Wednesday is Intervention day - you may use this time to improve any assignment grade C or below.

Monday: Finish Molecular Geometry POGIL. Hwk: finish classwork

Tuesday: Review POGIL, start modeling lab. Hwk: Read p. 232-233

Wednesday: Finish model lab, watch WOC - Archtitecture. Hwk: none

Thursday: Finish WOC, start Polar Bears and Penguins. Hwk: none, but blue sheets are due tomorrow!

Friday: Finish PB & P, discuss, start partner pictures. Hwk: none, but review!

Monday: Finish ionic bonding activity, review p. 143-156 in-class book. Hwk: Study for tomorrow's quiz!

Tuesday: Quiz, start reading Hwk: Read p. 217-220 on covalent bonding

Wednesday: Covalent bonding intro, Lewis dot practice. Hwk: Read p. 221-222 - double and triple bonds

Thursday: Continue with practice. Hwk: Finish up to 1/2 of back of practice   practice key

Friday: Finish practice, start shape POGIL. Hwk: none

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: Finish and review POGIL, start ionic naming practice. Hwk: review - start memorizing polyatomics!

Wednesday: Keep on practicing!! key Extra practice. Hwk: #12,13 p. 196

Thursday: Check hwk, extra practice, exit slip. Hwk: #18-20 p. 199   extra practice key

Friday: check hwk, ionic bonding activity. Hwk: review for quiz Tuesday