Monday: Continue with calorimetry handout from Friday. Hwk: review

Tuesday: Thermometer article and responses. Hwk: review

Wednesday: Calorimeter data collection. Hwk: review

Thursday: Calorimeter Lab Analysis, notes. Hwk: review and enjoy the weekend!

Friday: holiday, no school

Monday: Finish calorie viedo, add to tracker, start energy work. Hwk: review - we will be having a short quiz on Thursday

Tuesday: Energy article continued and discussion. Hwk: review

Wednesday: Nye Energy video and questions. Hwk: review

Thiursday: Assessment, finish and submit Tracker for feedback, simulation. Hwk: review

Friday: Turn in math log, calorimetry intro. Hwk: review

Monday: Review properties, start phenomena, model. Hwk: review - quiz on matter 9/21

Tuesday: Continue with model, start tracker. Hwk: review - quiz on matter 9/21

Wednesday: More practice with Physical and Chemical properties and changes - check keys in Canvas.Hwk: review - quiz on matter 9/21

Thursday: Quiz on computers, start calories?

Friday: Nutrition Label discussion, Calorie strategic reading (on Canavs). Hwk: finish reading, review

Monday: new seats, Values work. Hwk: review

Tuesday: Values work continued. Hwk: review

Wednesday: Finish values. Hwk: review

Thursday: Intro to Matter - Whatsa matter? Hwk: review

Friday: How do we change matter? Do: Physical and Chemical in Canvas Hwk: review

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: Equipment and lab discussion, notebook discussion, modeling article? Hwk: prepare for lab

Wednesday: Sugar in beverages lab. Hwk: review lab equipment

Thursday: Finish lab analysis. Hwk: review or finish lab analysis

Friday: Class lab analysis, Modeling in Science Hwk: review