Monday: Finish group CER, start balancing notes. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Much balancing practice. Hwk: none

Wednesday: Finish up balancing. Hwk: Second balancing practice will be checked Friday

Thursday: Scientific notation and the mole. Hwk: none

Friday: Finish "The Mole", start counting by weighing. Hwk: Enjoy your break!

Monday: Equations sheet. Hwk: Finish whatever didn't get completed in class.

Tuesday: Review eq sheet backside, equation station lab. Hwk: finish lab - they are due tomorrow

Wednesday: Nye - reactions, names and formulas practice. Hwk: finish practice for EC due when you walk in!

Thursday: Reaction type POGIL. Hwk: get to 2nd stop sign

Friday: Finish rxn POGIL, notes on reactions, start CER. Hwk: none

Monday: Finish jigsaw, start Frayer model. Hwk: none, but work on Frayer and review

Quiz Friday on bonding


Tuesday: "Chemical Bonds", notes on covalent bonding. Hwk: Read p. 217-222

Wednesday: Lewis Dot Practice. Hwk: Finish practice, work on adding to Frayer model

Thursday: Review Lewis dots, naming covalent POGIL, review for quiz - 3x5 notecard allowed. Hwk: Review for bonding quiz.

Friday: Bonding quiz, finish POGIL. Hwk: none

Monday: Ionic notes, continue practice. Hwk: Review information and memorize the 6 polyatomic ions for QUIZ Wednesday

Tuesday: Finish notes, ion practice. Hwk: Review for tomorrow's quiz

Wednesday: Quiz. Hwk: none

Thursday: "Electron Glue" activity. Hwk: none

Friday: Finish e- glue, Interpreting a graphic - bonding. Hwk: none

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: finish ionic bonding (puzzle) activity, handout polyatomic ions. Hwk: review

Wednesday: REVIEW Coulombic sttractions/trends. Hwk: Review for Friday's quiz on trends and electron configuraion

Thursday: Work day - finish review, finish ionic bonding (puzzle) activity, practice. Hwk: Review for tomorrow's quiz, puzzle activity due tomorrow!

Friday: Quiz (remember this can improve your last quiz grade!), continue with practice. Hwk: none, but memorize those polyatomics as we will be having an ionic quiz Wednesday!!!