Monday: Finish Acid/Base POGIL. Hwk: Finish POGIL

Tuesday: Equilibrium Demo Lab, Equilibrium reading. Hwk: none

Wednesday: Le Chatelier Demo. Hwk: none

Thursday: Ice Cream - colligative properties. Hwk: none

Friday: Le Chatelier practice, Ocean Acidification response. Hwk: review AB 32 and greenhouse effect for final


Monday 6/11 P. 1, 6

Tuesday 6/12 p. 2, 5


Monday: holiday

Tuesday/Wednesday: Work on combustion, Glacier/Iceberg Lab, start "Medicine Man". Hwk: finish combustion if you haven't already

Thursday/Friday: Finish Medicine Man, Review Combustion reactions, start Acid Base POGIL. Hwk: none

note - final will be a data mining exercise into the information surrounding AB 32

Monday/Tuesday: New Seats today, Lesson 6, start Gameboard challenge. Hwk: study for formal assessment on Thursday/Friday p. 16 of packet can be completed for extra credit

Wednesday: Finish Gameboard challenge, start combustion reaction handout. Hwk: see above

Thursday/Friday: Formal assessment of unit, packets due, continue with combustion handout. Hwk: none

Monday: Sources and Sinks completion and discussion, carbon cycle game, carbon syscle game handout, finish lesson 3 Hwk: make sure packets are complete to p. 10 - will be checked tomorrow!

student edition at

Tuesday: Check pkt progress, Lesson 4: review data, read p. 15 in student edition, review data visual aid #8, complete p. 11,12 in packet. Hwk: complete pkt, p. 12 if not finished in class

Wednesday: Lesson 5 - complete p. 13-14 in packet. Hwk: none

Thursday: "Dimming the Sun" with nuts. Hwk: review

Friday: Finish to p. 14 of packet, greenhouse exploration at Hwk: review

Remember that next week is block! M 1,3,5   T 2,4,6    W full day   Th 1,3,5    F 2,4,6

Monday: Nye Climate (know/new) look at 2050 report in groups - jigsaw style. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Plan 2050 groups - fill out pink sheet. Hwk: none

Wednesday: start Greenhouse effect by reading p. 2-6 of the student edition at . Hwk: read p. 3 in the student workbook (big packet)

Thursday: complete p. 4 in workbook (handout) from yesterday, much classroom discussion, complete p. 5-6 in workbook. Hwk: finish classwork as needed

Friday: Venn diagram p. 7 of packet, read student edition p. 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14 in groups to fill in p. 8&9 in packet, blue sheets due. Hwk: make sure previous packet work (p. 3-7) is finshed