New Green Sheets Stegosaurus, Butterfly, Cat

Monday: Heat calculation practice. Hwk Finish up to 7 if not completed during class

Tuesday: nutrition handout - calories!, work on Cheeto data. Hwk: none

Wednesday: PSAT - study day

Intervention Wednesday - test corrections for test 1 for any student below a C

Monday: Class data review and discussion, data analysis and calculations. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Start calorimetry POGIL. Hwk: none

Wednesday: Review Calorimetry POGIL - finish 12 and 13. Hwk: none

Thursday: Calorimetry POGIL 14-19. Hwk: pink sheets due tomorrow, finish through 19

Friday: Calorimetry turn-in with extension, start calorimetry practice. Hwk: none

New pink sheets (seahorse, penguins, goat)

Monday: "Hot Enough" data collection. Hwk: finish p. 1 if not completed in class

Tuesday: Hot Enough data analysis. Hwk: none

Wednesday: Review Hot Enough, "Thermometers" reading with anticipatory guide. Hwk: none

Intervention NEXT Wednesday - corrections for test 1 or make-ups for other assignments

Thursday: Review guide answers, read temp & motion, Create model of lab, Heat transfer practice. Hwk: finish practice

Friday: Cheeto lab data collection. Hwk: none

Monday: Test, climate response. Hwk: none, unless you're finishing the response

Tuesday: Heat Transfer Lab. Hwk: none

Wednesday: Finish lab, 4-color poster of 3,4,5. Hwk: none

Thursday: Read "Hot Moves" and annotate, Complete graphic organizer, start Critical Thinking Questions. Hwk: Finish at least 2 of the critical thinking questions

New pink sheet starts today - zebra, dolphin, clam

Monday: Review physical and chemical changes, practice. Hwk: none except review for Friday's test

Tuesday: Blue book work on matter, annotate variable reading, start variable practice. Hwk: review

Wednesday: review variables, start Point of View. Hwk: review for test *** moved to Monday ***

Thursday: review for test, Point of View. Hwk: review for Monday

Friday: Climate article jigsaw, specific reading. Hwk: Review for Monday's test!!