Monday: holiday

Tuesday: notes, review tests, practice. Hwk: Read p. 416-425, write up data table for lab, MC ch. 10 & 11

Wednesday: Gas demos, finish ch. 10 notes. Hwk: Read p. 437 - 446, see above

Thursday: Practice/Dalton, notes ch. 11. Hwk: Read p. 447-458, labs due tomorrow

Friday: Lab data collection. Hwk: Read p. 458-469, completed labs due 1/25 with lab notebook, MC, review for final

Monday: Finish model lab, pkt work. Hwk: Review names, etc. from ch. 9

Test corrections for Ch. 7&8 (30 and below up to 30) and ch.9 (30 and below up to 30) will all take place Wednesday 1/17 during intervention time

Tuesday: Paclet work and review for test. Hwk: study!!!

Wednesday: Ch. 9 test. Hwk: Read p. 392-397

Thursday: Gas Variables POGIL. Hwk: Read p. 398-406

Friday: Gas notes, gas practice. Hwk: Read p. 406-416 and start MC

Monday: finish notes, Polar bears and Penguins discussion, Lattice Energy POGIL. Hwk: Read p. 319-332, finish Lattice POGIL, MC

Tuesday - Thursday: Bonding packet - Lewis dot structures and bond energy. Hwk: Review, MC

Friday: Test Ch. 7&8. Hwk: Read and take notes on ch. 12, 22 and 23. Notes can be in whatever format you like - I'm looking for evidence that you read and have some understanding. These chapters are ones I'd like you to have exposure to, but we will not be taking a test on the information.

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: holiday

Wednesday: hand out shapes, Let's Mingle!. Hwk: Read p. 342-352, start memorizing shapes

Ch. 9 Test Wed 1/10

Thursday: finish Let's Mingle, WOC-Molecular Architecture, start packet. Hwk: Read p. 353-361, keep learning shapes

Friday: building models day 1. Hwk: Read p. 362-368 and keep learning shapes, finish Lewis dots for part II

Monday: Trend POGILs. Hwk: Read p. 264 - 270, start MC #7/8 due 12/15

Test Ch. 7/8 12/15

Tuesday: Keep POGILing with extensions. Hwk: MC and Read p. 270-276

Ch. 6 Corrections - Tuesday 12/12 at lunch

Wednesday: Finish POGIL PT extra. Hwk: Read p. 276-285, MC

Thursday: "Periodidc Table" WOC, start bonding POGIL. Hwk: Read p. 297-304, MC

Friday: Bonding POGIL, bonding notes, Polar Bears and Penguins. Hwk: Read p. 305-318, MC