Monday: Review quiz, finish Al experimentation (completed labs due Wendesday). Hwk: Read p. 36-47, work on element memorization

Tuesday: Nuclear atom POGIL. Hwk: Read p. 48-58, work on memorization, Al labs due tomorrow

Wednesday: Exercises/Practice page for POGIL up to #7 at least, start naming/formula notes. Hwk: Read p. 59-67, work on elements, finish up to #7 if you didn't in class

Thursday: Finish notes, finish practice from POGIL. Hwk: Keep working on elements, read p. 68-69

Friday: Complete naming practice, mass spectroscopy POGIL. Hwk: Prepare for element quiz Monday, lab write-up (pre-lab questions answered and data table prepared) due Tuesday, chapter 2 test Friday.

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: Finish WOC, finish DA, drawers equipment review. Hwk: MC due Friday, get safety signed

Test Friday: math, equipment, safety

Wednesday: Finish drawers, review equipment, safety. Hwk: get safety contract signed, MC due Friday

Thursday: Syllabus review, quick quiz review, start Al foil lab. Hwk: get syllabus contract signed, MC due tomorrow

Friday: quiz, Al lab. Hwk: Read ch. 1 by Monday

Monday: Brief intro, handouts, start sig fig POGIL. Hwk: start memorizing!!!

Tuesday: Continue with POGIL, practice with sig figs. Hwk: Keep memorizing

Wednesday: Sig Fig notes, Sig Fig practice (#1,2). Hwk: Log in to Mastering Chemistry, start intro (due 9/5) and primer (due 9/8)

Thursday: DA notes, SF practice, DA practice?. Hwk: see above

Friday: Finish sig fig & start DA practice, WOC "Measurement". Hwk: see above - first MC due Tuesday!!!