Monday - Friday: Review practice test, extra practice questions. Hwk: MC BIs (some combination of half completed) due Sunday by 10pm when you should head to sleep so you are well-rested for the test on Monday.


I will have continental breakfast available on Monday morning (5/7) from 6:55 - 7:20 to make sure you have an amazing start to your day.

Review Materials

Wednesday during Intervention Day I will be in the little theater reviewing the last Acid/Base test between 1 and 1:45 and then again from 1:45 - 2:30

Monday: Multiple choice #1-35 - 54 minutes

Tuesday/Thursday Multiple choice 36-60 and 1 short frq - 39 + 9 minutes

Wednesday: 1 long and 2 short frq - 41 minutes

Friday: 2 long and 1 short frq - 55 minutes

Hwk: Big IDEAs Mastering Chem and review

Monday: "The Busy Electron", notes on G and E. Hwk: Read p. 876-881, lab due tomorrow, BI MCs

note: next week you will be taking your mock test (first final) either M,T,W,F or M,W,Th, F depending on your schedule. The other day will be a study opportunity for you - please plan accordingly.

Tuesday: Lab d. 1. Hwk: Review and keep going on BI MCs

Wednesday: Lab d. 2, hand out Faraday POGIL. Hwk: Labs due Monday, review

Thursday: Faraday POGIL, lab work. Hwk: see above

Friday: Finish POGIL, "Group quiz" with electro chem. Hwk: See above and remember review tomorrow in my room at 8:00 am (do NOT be late!) for mock test next week

Monday: Review balancing redox. Hwk: Read p. 851-854, BI MC

Tuesday: Re-take ABBT. Hwk: Read p. 855-861, BI MC

Wednesday: Look at thermo quiz, electro notes. Hwk: Read p. 862-864, BI MCs

Reminder AP study session: Saturday, April 21 in room 604, 8am - noon

Thursday: finish notes, start POGILs. Hwk: Read p. 865-870

Friday: POGIL work. Hwk: Read p. 870-876, Lab write-ups parts 1&2 only due Tuesday (pre-lab questions and data tables)

Monday: Entropy notes, start Gibbs POGIL. Hwk: Keep working on Big Ideas MC, finish up to #3 on POGIL.

Quiz on thermo Friday (8 mult choice, 2 short frqs)

Acid/Base retake Tuesday 4/10

Tuesday: "The Driving Forces", work on Q POGIL. Hwk: Finish reading ch. 19

Wednesday: G POGIL, G notes, start Gibbs practice ALE 21/G and K. Hwk: review for Friday's quiz, MC BIs

Thursday: Work on yesterday's handout. Hwk: review for Friday's quiz, MC BIs

Friday: G quiz, balancing redox. Hwk: Read p. 843-850, work on Big Idea MC's - do NOT work on the balancing, we will do that in class Monday.