Monday: Review Emp Formula, MyAP quiz, Gather data for lab, Mass Spectroscopy POGIL/Quiz. Flex: Complete any classwork - labs due Wednesday, Watch assigned videos in MyAP, read p. 211-222.

Tuesday: Review quizzes from yesterday, Electron Configuration notes, e- config practice. Flex: Finish e- config practice, take quiz 1.5, read p. 224-239, labs due tomorrow!

Unit 1 test Tuesday

Wednesday: Review quiz, review electron configuration, PES assignment (video, POGIL, practice). Flex: Finish any classwork, labs due today! Note: We will finish POGIL in class, do what you can on the practice

Thursday: Complete PES POGIL and Quiz, start Periodic Table POGIL (p. 1-4), notes/review quiz. Flex: Read p. 257- 271

Unit 1 Progress Checks due Monday by 8:30 AM for FRQ and 11:45 PM for multiple choice

Friday: Finish Periodic Table POGIL, Quiz 1.7, review, practice Periodic trends and valence electrons. Flex: Complete classwork, Install the lockdown browser on your computer, Quiz 1.8, review, work on Progress Check (remember that frqs should be completed by Monday before class!)

Monday: Review density concept, lab work, quiz. Flex: Work on memorizing elements and polyatomics, read p. 4-9, if you did not finish your procedure - get that finished before class tomorrow.

Tuesday: Finish foil lab, review test results, Nuclear atom POGIL. Flex: Read p. 37-42 and 45-51. keep working on memorizing!

Wednesday: Finish Atom POGIL, Naming notes, Naming Practice. Flex: Read p. 52-67, finish anf check naming practice

Thursday: Review naming Practice, Moles POGIL. Flex: Finish and check classwork, MyAP assignment watch 2 videos and take the 12 minute "quiz" (must be completed by 7pm)

Friday: Review moles, Empirical Formula POGIL. Flex: Empirical Formula Pre-lab must be completed by Monday morning

Our classroom is using the Canvas platform

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: Reviewed citizenship guidelines, Finished slides, Let's Mingle, started Sig Figs. Flex: study memorized information

Wednesday: Share out Mingle, Sig Fig Packet. Flex: Finish calculating turnin assignment (due)

Thursday: reviewed sig figs, dimensional analysis noyes, started dim analysis work (p. 1). Flex: Finish classwork, leep memorizing

Quiz Monday on sig figs, dim analysis, equipment, metrics

Friday: Entrance slip, Finished Dim Analysis, discussed Monday's Quiz, Started Al foil lab. Flex: Turn in relfection for dim analysis and study for quiz, read p. 13-27