Monday: Unit 5 test. Hwk: none

Tuesday: Penny Equilibrium simulation. Hwk: Read p. 627-633, simulation (data, questions, graph) due Thursday - 1 per group

Wednesday: Simulation work, K notes. Hwk: Read p. 633-641, simulations due tomorrow

Thursday: Q POGIL. Hwk: Read p. 641-647

Friday: holiday

Monday: Check and Review hwk, Integrated notes, start FRQ practice. Hwk: Start Progress Check

Kinetics Test Monday 2/10

Tuesday: Continue FRQ practice, grade frqs. Hwk: read p. 597-604 and continue with Progress Check

Wednesday: Rxn Mech notes, start practice. Hwk: Progress Check due by Sunday midnight

Thursday: go over practice, more review. Hwk: Progress check, prepare for test Monday

Friday: FRQ and grading. Hwk: See above

Monday: Review final questions, Start rxn rate lab. Hwk: Read p. 571-579

Tuesday: Finish rxn rate labs. Hwk: Read p. 580-585

Wednesday: Rates of Chemical Reactions 57 POGIL. Hwk: Read p. 591-597

Thursday: Finish POGIL. Hwk: Read p. 585-591

Friday: Rate notes, partner "pop" quiz. Hwk: Concentration and Rate practice


Monday: Finish practice test review, start Rxn rate POGIL. Hwk: quiz tomorrow, review old progress checks

Tuesday: Thermo quiz, finish POGIL. Hwk: review old progress checks for midterm, gather labs together

Al Foil, Emp Formula, Spectra, VSEPR, Butane, Molarity (solutions)*, Spectroscopy,  Redox titration, Sp. heat                      (*optional)

Wednesday: Bozeman 39 & 40, PE diagrams. Hwk: review for the final

Bozeman videos relevant to midterm: 1-12, 13-26, 27-33, 46-55

Thursday-Tuesday: review  here is one       here is another that is older in nature, but covers our topics - ignore 111-151 and 182-184   

key for 2nd review

Wednesday: Final Exam - no calculator except #67-75

Monday: phase change handout practice. Hwk: Read p. 449-452

Tuesday: practice with phase, start bond enthalpy. Hwk: Read p. 325-330, start progress check 6

Wednesday: Practice with bond enthalpies. Hwk: progress check 6 mc due Monday, frq due Friday

Little Thermo quiz Tuesday 1/14

Thursday: Practice unit 6 test in class. Hwk: progress checks

Friday: Review practice test, review progress check,. Hwk: finish progress check mc