Monday: Discuss FRQ, notes, EMS POGIL. Flex: Spectra labs due tomorrow, MyAP Quiz, start unit 3 progress checks

Unit 3 test Thursday

Tuesday: Continue with electromagnetic spectrum lesson. Flex: MyAP Quiz - electrons, continue progress checks - complete frq if possible, review

Wednesday: Unit 3 review. Flex: Finish Progress checks, review

Thursday: Unit 3 test. Flex: review your test

Friday: test corrections and wrap-up. Flex: Unit 6 will be available much later.

Monday: Continue with gas notes, gas practice. Flex: Make sure you have a data table ready for tomorrow, Read p. 417-425

Tuesday: Gas notes (density), Dalton POGIL, finish gas notes, "do" lab. Flex: Work on Lab (due by Friday morning), MyAP Quiz (skip part C of the FRQ)

Wednesday: Review Quiz, Solution notes. Flex: Read p. 527-543, work on lab

Thursday: Solutions notes, Molarity POGIL. Flex: Labs due tomorrow morning, Read information on separation, optional extra practice

Friday: Khan Video, Spectroscopy Lab, fun with Phet, Practice FRQ. Flex: Spec Labs due Tuesday, review, MyAP Quiz due Monday evening - MyAP might be down for maintenance.


Monday: Review Quiz 2.2, Review for test. Flex: Complete Progress checks, review for test

Tuesday: Unit 2 Test. Flex: Read p. 437-447

Wednesday: Test discussion, start 3.1 & 3.3 - notes, phase diagram, notes, IMFs. Flex: Read p. 447-459, consider daily and/or Bozeman videos, finish IMF handout and have questions ready for tomorrow!

Test corrections emailed by Saturday evening - up to 1/2 credit back 16 or under

Thursday: continue 3.1 & 3.3 - more notes and group work. Flex: MyAP quiz, read p. 464-469

Friday: Review MyAPQuiz, Group Assignment, Gas Notes, Gas Practice? Flex: Read through the lab - start creating a data table and working on the pre-lab, read p. 393-416

Monday: Finish Lattice Energy, Lewis dot notes and practice. Flex: MyAP Quiz 2.1&2.3 if you haven't already, Read p.314-318, work on extra practice

Unit 2 Test Tuesday 10/13

Tuesday: Review Lewis structures, answer questions, 2.6 Resonance and Formal Charge (POGIL, notes, POGIL). Flex: Read p. 319-324, MyAP Quiz 2.4&5, finish explanation assignment 2.6

Wednesday: Review bond order, resonance and formal charge, VSEPR theory notes, start lab. Flex: Do MyAP Quiz 2.6, Read p. 341-353, work on learning shapes

Thursday: Finish lab. Flex: Read p. 355-366, labs due by Saturday, start progress checks

Friday: Intramolecular Forces and Potential Energy. Flex: Read p. 325 - 330, complete FRQ progress check by Sunday at 11pm.

Monday: Review for tomorrow's test. Flex: Study, finish progress checks and last assignment

Tuesday: Unit 1 Test.Flex: none

Wednesday: Review Test, review electron configuration, start Types of Bonding POGIL. Flex: Read p. 297-314, optional 2-1 videos on MyAP.

Test retakes on Friday below 16 on frq, below 15 on mc

Thursday: Finish up Bonding POGIL, practice, notes, start Lattice Energy POGIL? Flex: MyAP quiz, finish practice, review p. 304

Friday: Test re-takes, 2.4 Alloys - Independent work. Flex: Finish Alloys assignment