So for now, please check here and I will give you more info as it becomes available.

So far I only have 19 of you signed up for Google classroom. Please join the class ggkr6ai

I have added a question on Google classroom! Please answer as soon as you can.

Here is the link for the Youtube AP review channel. It starts tomorrow!

Wednesday: I added a fun assignment to pass the time on Google classroom!

Thursday: Announcement regarding AP tests

FYI - Just had it confirmed by College Board today that if a student cancels and they had been charged the CB Late Activation Fee ($40) for their original order, that late fee is NOT waived.

In other words... using the College Board standard pricing it would be a late order that looked like this:
$94 Exam Fee
$40 Late Activation Fee
Total would have been $134
If that student now cancels, the $94 is waived... but the $40 still applies.
So if you have a 100% refund policy, this student would receive ONLY $94 back.
Reminder too that if they paid with a credit card, those fees are not refundable.
And although we are waiving our APTS Cancellation processing fee, our APTS Registration Processing fee still applies. (Sorry! We want to help out families as much as we can but our APTS team also needs to be ok.)
Lastly - College Board is NOT accepting new orders. (So kiddos excited now at the prospect of only a 45-min test will not be able to add an exam.)
Friday: I added new information on the Google classroom page. Check it out!