Monday: Solubility and equation practice. Hwk: start progress check unit 4, Pre-labs due tomorrow

Unit 4 test Tuesday 12/10

Tuesday: Eq continued, work on acids and bases. Hwk: Review titrations

Wednesday: Continue with acids and bases. Hwk: Review titrations from above, work on progress check mc

Thursday: Titration Lab d1 Hwk: start calculations for part 1

Friday: Titration Lab d2 Hwk: progress check frq on a separate sheet due Monday, work on post-lab - due Wednesday 12/11,

Monday: Review for test. Hwk: finish progress checks unit 3, labs due tomorrow

Unit 2 Test Corrections up to 20 M, T, Th, F at lunch this week

Tuesday: Unit 3 test - 13 multiple choice, 3 short frqs. Hwk: Read p. 79-86

Wednesday: Net ionic equation POGIL - start. Hwk: Read p. 119-135

Thursday: Review net ionic equations, equations work. Hwk: Read p. 136-142, 149-155

Remember that H2O can also you be considered HOH for balancing and typing purposes

Friday: Redox notes (borrowed with permission), continue equations work. Hwk: Equations packet (handed out in class) and do pre-lab (pre-lab questions and data tables) to be ready for Tuesday

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: Work on Molarity POGIL, finish solution notes. Hwk: Read p. 11-12, gas practice due tomorrow, work on progress check

Unit 3 test 11/19

Wednesday: Making solutions lab, solution practice problems. Hwk: Read p. 580, progress check and solution practice

Thursday: Spectroscopy and concentration. Hwk: progress check (both mc and frq), solution practice

Friday: Khan video Beer's Law, practice frq, work time. Hwk: work on solution problems, progress checks and bring questions for review on Monday

Monday: Finish notes, finish POGIL. Hwk: Read p. 417-425, have data table for butane lab (due tomorrow)

Tuesday: Butane Lab data collection. Hwk: finish reading, start gas law practice (due Wednesday 11/13)

Wednesday: Finish gas notes, work and practice time. Hwk: Gas practice, Spectroscopy handout, Butane lab due Tuesday (11/12) - calculations of molar mass, and percent error, error discussion

Thursday: Start solutions notes and calculations. Hwk: see above, read p. 527 - 546   Key for gas practice

Friday: Study day - field trips. Hwk: see above

Monday: Finish IMF types notes, practice identifying IMFs. Hwk: review and come with questions.

Tuesday: Answer questions, notes on implications of IMF, ALE 18. Hwk: Practice questions due Thursday

Wednesday: IMF demos, finsh ALE 18. Hwk: finsh practice - have questions ready for tomorrow

Thursday: Review homework, start gases notes. Hwk: By Monday read p. 393-416

Friday: start Dalton Partial Pressure POGIL. Hwk: By Monday read p. 393-416, write up data table for lab (by Tuesday)