Monday: Qualitative lab. Hwk: lab notebooks due tomorrow with completed lab

Tuesday - Thursday: research assignment due Wednesday

Friday: ice cream lab

FINAL 6/13: Presentations, lab drawers

Monday: holiday

Tuesday & Thursday: Qualitative Analysis Lab. Hwk: lab notebooks due 6/5 with final lab included

Last lab needs pre-lab, data and which ions are present - no post-lab questions or conslusion

Monday: Epic rap work. Hwk: pre-labs due 5/29

Wednesday: watch rap battles. Hwk: pre-labs due 5/29

Thursday: Guest speaker - drug production in modern times. Hwk: pre-labs due 5/29

Monday: FRQ discussion, hand out lab - pre-lab (pre-lab questions and data tables) due 5/29

Tues-Fri: Epic Rap work - battles due (emailed or shared) 5/23

Monday: test - don't forget to come for breakfast!

Tuesday - Friday: Epic Rap battle video work and research

FRQ discussion Monday 5/14