Monday: Chapter 5 test. Hwk: Labs due tomorrow (don't forget perfect graphs!), read p. 211-215

Tuesday: Electromagnetic radiation POGIL. Hwk: Pre-labs due Thursday with data tables!, Read p. 215 - 222

Wednesday: Review frqs from ch 4 retake, start QM notes. Hwk: Read p. 222-232, pre-lab data tables due tomorrow

Thursday: Lab data collection, look at ch. 5 test. Hwk: MC Thanksgiving due 11/28, Completed lab due 11/27

Friday: finish QM notes, practice. Hwk: MC Thanksgiving due 11/28, lab due 11/27, finish reading ch. 6

Monday: Hess Lab day 1 (part 2). Hwk: MC #5, you should have read all of chapter 5 except the fuels section (which you are welcome to read!) Ch. 5 test Monday 11/3

Tuesday: Hess Lab d. 2 (part 1), work on Hess pkt. Hwk: MC #5 due 11/13, Hess lab due 11/14.

Wednesday: Hess pkt cont., thermo review. Hwk: see above

Thursday: Thermo review review and test prep - 12 mult choice (20 min), 5 frq (55 min). Hwk: see above thermo key

Extra Calorimetry Practice

Friday: holiday

Monday: Review for tomorrow's test. Hwk: review!

Tuesday: Ch. 4 test. Hwk: Read p. 164-173

Wednesday: Equations practice/look at ch. 4 tests. Hwk: Read p. 174-179, Ch. 4 MC available, Ch. 5 MC available - due 11/6

Thursday: Review 2014 frq, finish equations. Hwk: MC #5

Ch. 4 retake 11/3 if you finish 80% of MC #4

Friday: Coulombic POGIL. Hwk: MC #5

Monday: Enthalpy POGIL. Hwk: MC #5, (#4 for re-takers 11/3)

Tuesday: Finish Enthalpy POGIL, start Heat of Formation POGIL. Hwk: See above

Wednesday: Finish Hformation, start calorimetry notes. Hwk: see above

Thursday: Calorimetry notes and practice. Hwk: Pre-Lab due Monday, read p. 179-184

Friday: Ch. 4 retake. Hwk: Labs due Monday, Read p. 184-193

Monday: Review conclusions, equations, start Molarity POGIL. Hwk: fix conclusions for analysis of alum lab, review extensively for Ch. 3/4 test on Tuesday 10/24

Quiz Corrections for less than 24 Monday 10/23 at lunch

Tuesday: Review quiz ch. 3, Molarity POGIL. Hwk: review for test next week

Wednesday: WOC "Water", finish Molarity. Hwk: see above

Thursday: Redox day 1 - recognizing and assigning oxidation numbers. Hwk: see above

Friday: Redox day 2 - balancing redox equations in acids and bases. Hwk: see above