Monday: Resonance & Formal charge POGIL, what to write handout. Hwk: Read p. 353-360, keep working on learning shapes

Tuesday: Keep working on POGIL, handout Covalent bonds. Hwk: start progress checks unit 2 on myap (finish frq by Monday morning to get feedback and mc by Monday evening)

Test Unit 2 next Tuesday

Wednesday: PSAT - study day

Test corrections - Wednesday during Intervention time - test 1 any score under 22 up to 22, test 2 any under 20 up to 20

Monday: Bozeman - Coulombic Forces, test talk, start Bonding POGIL. Hwk: Review released frq scoring guides for 2016-2019 and make a bulleted list of your observations (due Wednesday)

Tuesday: Finish bonding, start lattice energy POGIL. Hwk: see above

Wednesday: Lattice Energy POGIL (eek!), start bonding notes. Hwk: Read p. 319-324

Thursday: Finish lattice energy discussion, start Lewis structures. Hwk: Read p. 325-332

Friday: Lewis dot structures and practice. Hwk: Read p. 341-353, start learning shapes

Monday: Spectra/flame lab data collection. Hwk: Read p. 297-304, Start Progress Check, Labs due Thursday

Test Friday on electrons, PES and periodic table!

Tuesday: energy calculations, Coulombic forces notes. Hwk: Progress Check (due Thursday at 11:59 pm), Labs due Thursday

Wednesday: Federal Survey cards, Advanced trends POGIL. Hwk: Labs due tomorrow, Progress Check due late tomorrow, Fed. Survey cards due tomorrow!

Thursday: Finish POGIL, review for test 12 mc (18 minutes) and 3 short frqs (27 minutes). Hwk: study/ finish progress check on myap - if you finish early I can grade your frqs!

Friday: End of unit 1 test - electrons, PES, periodic trends. Hwk: Read p. 305-318


Monday: questions? e- config practice. Hwk: Read p. 222-243, study for tomorrow's test

Tuesday: Test - Unit 1 pt. 1. Hwk: Read p. 254-264

Wednesday: review e- config exceptions, PES POGIL (up to p. 4-6). Hwk: Read p. 264-276

Unit test make-ups for absences will be Friday during class.

Thursday: Finish PES POGIL, EMS POGIL. Hwk: Read through spec lab and have data table ready for Monday

Friday: Spectroscopy and calculations. Hwk: See above and read p. 276-287

Monday: Empirical formula of silver oxide lab day. Hwk: element quiz on Wednesday, completed labs (calculation and conclusion questions) due Thursday

Tuesday: Finish empirical formula POGIL, start mass spec POGIL. Hwk: element quiz on Wednesday, completed labs (calculation and conclusion questions) due Thursday

Wednesday: element quiz, work on mass spec POGIL. Hwk: Labs due tomorrow, start on myAPpractice quiz - must be finished by 11:45 pm 9/22 to prepare for Test Tuesday 9/24

Thursday: review lab calculations and equations, review for test, finish Mass spec. Hwk: myAP quiz, book review as needed

Friday: watch Properties of Elements, notes on e- config. Hwk: myAP quiz (due Sunday night), read p. 211-222