Monday: Buffer POGIL cont. Hwk: Buffer Zone due Thursday, review for Test Thursday, MC not required but available

Tuesday: Titration curves investigation, buffer POGIL - finish. Hwk: Buffer Zone due Thursday, review for Test Thursday, MC not required but available

Wednesday: Titration curve calculations. Hwk: Review for test, Buffer Zone due tomorrow

Thursday: K ab test ch. 16 & 17. Hwk: Read p. 801-809

Monday: Return labs, check POGILs etc., review problems. Hwk: Ksp Lab (pre-lab and data table) due Thursday

Tuesday: notes, Ksp POGIL. Hwk: see above!

Wednesday: Ksp POGIL, extra practice. Hwk: Read p. 719-728, pre-labs due tomorrow

Thursday: Ksp lab. Hwk: Read p. 730-737, completed labs due Monday (no conclusion)

Friday: Start buffer notes, start buffer POGIL, hand out Buffer Zone. Hwk: Labs due Monday, Buffer Zone due Thursday, test Thursday

Monday: Finish "Proton", notes ch. 16, start acid POGIL. Hwk: Read p. 683-690

Le Chat quiz Wednesday

Tuesday: Continue with weak acid POGIL. Hwk: Read p. 690-695    Le Chat Practice KEY

Wednesday: Le Chat quiz, work on POGIL. Hwk: Read p. 695-698

Thursday: pH notes, start pH POGIL Hwk: Re-read p. 675-679

Friday: finish pH POGIL and any other classwork - Hwk: I will be checking the 2 recent POGILs for credit on Monday morning as well as practice exercises p. 683-688 (there are 4 of them). Here is the KEY for pH

Monday: ICE practice, start Q POGIL? Hwk: Do practice exercises p. 645-647

Kinetics corrections Tuesday 3/6 at lunch 1/2 credit up to 22

Tuesday: Q POGIL. Hwk: Read p. 648-656

K quiz Friday

Wednesday: Le Chatelier notes, look at quizzes. Hwk: Do 15.43,45,47,53,55 p. 662 by Friday

Thursday: Le Chat and K practice. Hwk: Finish above

Friday: Keq Quiz, "The Proton in Chemistry". Hwk: Read p. 667-682

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: Penny Equilibrium lab. Hwk: Labs due tomorrow!

Wednesday: Kinetics test review (16 mc - 25 min, 1 long 1 short frq - 30 min) - looking at released frqs. Hwk: study! Penny Labs due Monday 2/26

Thursday: Kinetics test. Hwk: Penny Labs, Read p. 627-633, 635-638

Friday: Equilibrium notes, start Q POGIL. Hwk: Read p. 639-647 and Penny Labs (no conclusion) due Monday